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Lintel This day As you pass Through a doorway Reach up To touch the lintel In praise For journeys begun And ended. Kiss each doorknob With your palm. Pray the doorway Bless other wanderers As it has You.

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10th + Miller

10th + Miller HONK SCREECH VROM HUZZZZ GRRRRINK-GRAAAAAANK humzllehumzllehumzzle CLASHER CLATS SPANT CRANG! voicesvoicesvoicesvoicesYELLINGbangbang caDOOM BlSH BLASH VRANG! SPLERCH SPRITLE VLANG hanzhanzhanz PITrinkleATE SKRANK-SKRANK-SKRANK sumble seddle seddle set PWANG! stoop stoop sta-doop stoop BLEEMP! BLEEEEEMP! EEEEEEEE BLOOOORY! BLOOOORAT! voicesVOICESvoicesYELLS swish … Continue reading

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