Friday PSA: Spread the (Poetry) Love!

I’m hopping on a bandwagon recently started (or, re-started, is perhaps better) by Matthew Dickman. When I saw him read at Powells Books a few weeks ago, he made this plea in person; he’s since taken up the charge on the blog he writes at Tin House.

The post is worth reading, but here’s the gist: poetry is an advocate for us. It is not scary, incomprehensible, or meant for the elite. Poetry is for (in both senses) everyone and should be spread — as it once was — far and wide.

So: if you’re here, chances are good you love poetry, or at least like some of it, sometimes. In any event, I’m echoing Matthew’s call: share poetry. Take a book of poems — any book by any poet — that you love, that has impacted you, changed you, meant something to you and share it with someone.

Give it to your spouse, your parents, siblings, neighbor, political leaders, the guy working at the coffee shop (that’s me!). By spreading the things we love, we welcome others into our lives; when that thing is poetry, we automatically add to the available stock of reality in our lives.

And that’s worth sharing.

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