365 – NYE


How do we approach an end
that is, in fact, not?


We’ll glitz around tonight
champagned and fluted, reveling

in the last gasps of what the year was
and was not. We’ll reminisce,

bloviate, apologize and
obfuscate. There’ll be fondue

and crudité. We’ll play
pin the tail

on the donkey, the ass’s head
gotten by some quick devilry.

We’ll cry Wassail! and bless the trees
out in the frozen yard.

We’ll drink too much
and dress in drag

flying what secret flags
we hide away.

It will all be games.

at a certain moment,
someone will shout for quiet

and we’ll all gather round
to watch

a lighted ball descend
in Times Square.

We’ll count down
en masse, on mute

the ending
and beginning

of it all, looking
for all the world

as if we never saw it

How sad and lovely.
How very human.

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