Ask–Who Knows What You’ll Receive?

I haven’t posted anything but poems here in a year. 365 days, 365 poems. That’s it.

Until now. Now I have a ton of poems–some great, some good, some terrible. They’re all here, hanging out in Cyberspace. But I don’t want them┬ájust to live on the interwebs, I want them to have a second life, to go off and be poems+.

And I’m asking for your help. If you are an artist of any stripe–visual, musical, performance, whatever–and you want bring a poem to life, I’d love your help. I want you to help me make my words a Whole New Thing; I want to see what you make out of what inspires you.

I’m making this up as I’m going, so here’s the deal: check out the Poem page. Pick one you like. Or several. Then respond in your given medium; take the words that spilled out of my brain into new places.

Email me the results.

I can’t promise money or fame or even a coherent plan of a Final Product. But I can promise thanks and┬ábeing co-conspirators hatching new Art in the world.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for letting me ask.



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