Deepstep come shining (never again).

Deepstep come shining (never again).
-elegy for C.D. Wright

She was all eyeteeth, as I recall. Oracular.
Concerned with nerves of vision and the smell of things–sweet
tea and rain on dust. What it tells you. And milky eyes. Cataracts.
And questions, grave and sad so it breaks the heart
a little in the asking. What she said
and what she meant by what she said I can’t say.
Only: sawgrass and scrub pine. Shade trees.
Only heat lightening quick, like a stab
in the side. A way of seeing, after a fashion,
that shimmered. A ghost laid by, one arm up,
over against the screen door, watching. Biding
his time until you turn and look right at it. When
he disappear. Like that. And now her, too. Deepstep
come shining. Never again. But. Her peace rose.
Her pocketful of fists. And questions. And dust.

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