God Loves

I haven’t written a call to worship in a while, but this came (was given?) to me recently. Hope it resonates.

God Loves

God, you love my faltering steps, my half-filled faith, my irritable ways and uncertain eye.

You love me in my tossing and turning, in the heresies haunting the back of my mind, in the praises I spout from unclean but honest lips. You love me on the days I can’t remember your name.

You love me in my embrace of others, of myself. You love my every backward attempt to move forward, you love me in the wreckage of my best efforts.

You love me rotten, at every turn. You love me when the word love no longer rings for me. You love me when I have no love to return, when all I want is to wish love away.

You love my flung-off prayers, my aimless running, my willful off-track wandering. You love the way I look for you out of the corner of my eye and the way I pretend not to care when you look back.

You love my stumbling words, what light I shed in the dead-end alleys I so often frequent, in the joy I find every now and again. You love me out on the edges and in the rough seas I keep seeking out.

You love me despite myself. You love me, full-stop.

Listen: in your weakness, your fumbling best efforts and half-hearted hopes, God loves you. He loves you to your soft and beating core, holding the best of you close and safe and sacred.

He loves you. Listen: He loves you.

Let us love Him in return.

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