This came out of a game called Word Salad: choose 5 words from a bowl, use all of them in a poem. I whipped one up quick-like at the In Other Words reading; I was pleasantly surprised.

My five words were: giddy, Sorrento, pylons, abolish and atrocious.


I am giddy, flying
at first light to Sorrento,
which in Italian is mist
and loss and the hint of salt
of the far coast on your tongue.

There are pylons there, in Sorrento,
of ancient wood, washed in rime.
The locals say they’ve stood
despite the sea. Hannibal came
in antiquity to abolish them,
but no elephant could uproot,
no fabled warrior destroy.

I drink the last light, on the sea
at Sorrento. Nothing atrocious
in the air, no taste of war, no blight,
only the calm lap of the waves
against the ever-trunks,
thick as the legs of elephants.

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