56 – Inherent Right

Inherent Right

I’m laid out
wrestling with
on justice
and inherent rights
when you come pawing
at my chest, seeking
a place to curl
and keep me company.

Annoyed, burned out
by the philosophical
jargon I’m battling
to come to some understanding
of how I ought and ought not
to treat my fellows,
plus damn, man,

I’m plain
worn out
from a long day packed
with my fellow man,
so you are rebuffed
most unjustly:
the back of my hand
sends you off.

how quickly you return
regardless of my mood
or inclinations,
claiming the right
to your preferred perch
unaware or uncaring
of any justice
but that which is inalienable
endowed by the Creator
even to the likes of you.

I hold out
as long as humanly possible
against your persistent nudging
but finally cave (allegorically),
put down this tome
and let you learn me
a thing or two
about the true nature
of justice.

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